Hey there to all of you out there! 

After an amazing 6 and a half weeks of working behind the scenes on my side of your screen, with your help, we were able to raise over 15 thousand dollars!!!

To tell you all how grateful and humbled I am for your support and faith in me would be a huge understatement. I've had a long boyhood dream and the belief that I was meant to keep chasing this crazy passion of mine, and thanks to your generous donations, I'm that much closer to making it a reality.

So, now that the hard part is behind us, the fun is right around the corner. We'll be putting all the goodies together, making arrangements for the in person visits and dinners with me (can't wait for those!) and everything else on the list of perks we came up with to bring it all together.

Please stay tuned to this page and watch out for some more details as soon as we begin to formalize everything and head to the next step in the process. Once again, and I can't say it enough...thank you so, so much for believing in me. None of this would be possible without you, and I will forever be grateful.
Dreams do come true. And now, I'm one step closer to getting into that legendary circle at the Grand Ole Opry stage.

See you down the road!

Hello and howdy to all of my good friends out there! Today is a significant day for celebrating, but it's also the day where so many of you have been waiting to hear what I'm about to tell you. 

But before I do that, I wanted to share with you, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, that we lost my grandmother on this day in 2013. I promise, I'm not trying to pander or make light of the holiday or her passing to promote this thing. Quite the contrary, actually. 

The team behind me who has been helping me put this all together suggested that I wait until tomorrow to make this announcement, but since it's a significant day for my family when we lost her, I'm looking to change the narrative a little and mark it as a reminder and how proud she'd be of me when you see what we've been working on since around March of this year. 

I signed a production deal with a company out of Sugarland, Texas known as Edgewater Music Group, and with their help, after several years have gone by, the campaign to get another album in the works is now LIVE! 

The video is really cool too. Yeah, I know, I close my eyes a lot in it, but when I do, you can tell it's because of the passion behind them. I was born for this, and also helped write the script for it. As I say - I love to write. And sing. And play. And a little bonus feature when you watch the video, too... the clip of me on stage performing in the first couple of minutes... that's my mom and dad dancing together just off to the right. They love watching me play 

So, here ya go. It's live and the campaign is ready for you to check it out. I know times are tough right now, so don't worry if you can't support it right away. I've got until August 4th to meet the goal amount of $15,000 and it's already off to a good start!!! And the perks for the campaign are pretty amazing too. I put a lot of work in to making this the coolest thing you'll want to help support, and I can't wait to share it with you when it's done and where it's going to go when it's done ****hint hint****Sony Distribution****hint hint**** 

So now it's all up to you, my friends. Check out the link below and throw whatever you can into it, and if not, again, share share share share share with your friends, family, pets or anyone who has an extra dime to donate to help me get back where I was born to be. My lifelong dream of playing in that legendary circle at the Grand Ole Opry is getting so close, I can see it in my mind. And I'll be sure to save you a seat! 

No matter what you do today, please make it a fun, safe and great celebration. Happy Fourth of July! 

Returning to the Stage!