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If you’re going through Hell, keep going 
-Winston Churchill  

Sometimes you just know.  I mean you feel it in your bones, in your soul, in your heart and even though it’s there, it can be hard to pry it out when the shit is constantly hitting the fan.  Over the last few years, even while I was working for NGL, I spent a lot of time traveling around West Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, several states on the East Coast and then through Washington state.  I met a countless amount of people during that…

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The Last Day of My Life (or so I thought) 

I’m normally at my most creative in the early mornings when I first wake up, and I like to write about just about anything to get it down on paper.  I’ve got just over 2 hours before I have to head over to work, so I thought I would talk more about the events and the actual day I had my major anxiety attack, in part to possibly help others who may be suffering or have suffered from one.  I also wanted to because my friend Mary, whom I regularly play golf with, mentioned it and how much she enjoys reading my…

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